WDTV Live HUB doesn't see network share - tried everything

I just got a new computer and set up all the sharing options the same as my old computer. For some reason though, my WDTV will not detect it. I know they are on the same network because I can see my WDTV from my PC.

I watched all of the YouTube videos to double check my settings, and even turned off the Windows 8 Firewall. I am using Avast, which is the same as I used on the other computer. Is there something I’m missing?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! 


After the installation of the new PC, have you reset the media player so it can discover the new device on the network?

You said that you are able to see the media player from your computer, are you able to access the files on the hub?

Is workgroup name same on your PC and Hub?

Thanks for the reply.

After I installed the new PC, I reset the WDTV, and still nothing.

Yes, I am able to access the files from my computer via the network and yes, network name is the same.

Did you rebooted router?