WDTV Live Hub does not aggregrate media on my local drives

I thought the Hub was supposed to aggregate media on local drives?  I have media on external HDD connected via USB.  I also have media on the Hub’s internal HDD.  I would like to see all video files that are stored on all of the drives wtihout having to select the drive and drill through folders.  However, when I select “Videos” and select “Local Storage” then “All Local Storage” as the Content Source, I have to choose the HDD and go through folder instead of seeing all of my video files.  Does anyone else have this problem? 

I’m guessing you have your Hub set to FOLDER view.

If you set it to ALL, it will indeed show ALL.

@Tony, yeah, but then it displays ALL media without distinguishing between the different types. What’s the point of a UI with different media categories when each shows every kind of media it can find regardless of type?

It shouldn’t do that… At least, mine doesn’t… It only shows the correct category of media…

You do have media library enabled, right?

Here’s what I get: everything that shows up in the Video tab also shows up in the Files tab. Exactly the same and files of ALL types. Nothing shows up in either Music or Photos tabs even though I can see my Music and Photos folders in the Video and Files tabs.

Tony, you are AWESOME.  I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks!  I just stumbled on it while playing with the “Sort & Filter Content” option.  I even d/l the manual and read through it.  This Community is a great resource!