WDTV Live Hub can't connect to my NAS


 Recently I updated my network with a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+. It is configured to use samba, and member of my workgroup. All the computers in the house can access it without any problems. My Hub however keeps prompting for a username and password. 

More info:

My hub is a member of my workgroup, it can acces network shares on my win7, vista and xp pc’s without problems. It is configured with a static IP and running the latest firmware.

how can I make my Hub work with my NAS?

thanks for your input


Hello…I was having an issue with the invalid username or password …so maybe this will work…

there is a setting in windows 7 …


under the PUBLIC heading there is a PASSWORD PROTECTION SETTING…Turn that to off…

this helped me…so it might helps you too…

It isn’t a windows problem, since windows is not involved.

I was able to sort this out thanks to google, so for future reference:

If I entered the name of one of my shares as Username and left the password blank, I was able to connect to that share.

I’m having the same problem - I’ll give it a try: I’ve tried everything else I can think of!

Will this work if I have GoFlex NAS (with internal drive) and an external drive connected? Would I need to change the name of the External Share?