Wdtv live hub blinking

I have a live hub since 2008 but it has stopped working.There is no video and the front light blinking fast and it doesnt stop.
The fan is stop and the lan light blink on green and also the hd is mute.
Can you help me to know where is the problem?
Thanks to everyone

Pescoli wrote:
I have a live hub since 2008 but it has stopped working.

Due to your Blackout ?


If you’ve got … No Video, No Fan, Lan Green, HD Mute and Blinking LED (which is 99.99% an Error Code)

Your WDTV Live Hub is cactus … due to the Blackout, ie: something got fried

Time you moved on and purchased another media player …

P.S. Keep your Live Hub Questions in the Live Hub Forum …


Pescoli wrote:
I have a live hub since 2008 but it has stopped working

side note:  sorry, but i’m a stickler for Facts

the WDTV Live Hub was released in 2010  :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for yr help. It was a blackout sometimes but always alive.This time i have only swich off and than on in other room and the problem appear.I hope only the hdd is safe.

@joeysmyth i think you are right…

Pescoli wrote: .I hope only the hdd is safe.

You have your files backed up … right ?

If not … read this


No…i’ve no backup my files :frowning:

I’ill read your link Joey, thanks.

I’ve opened the box and if i plug the wire power, while the led blink, i hear fried rumours near the battery from some component, this can help you to indicate the problems maybe?


For what it’s worth.  I have twice recovered my WD TV Live Hub from the same symptoms after power outages/blackouts.  I didn’t do anything special.   I removed the HDD to try and recover files.  When I plugged into my PC Windows helpfully offered “Do you want to scan and fix …” so I said yes.  Each time took it ages, but eventually my drive showed up under ‘Computer’.   I thought “I wonder…” and dropped the HDD back into it’s case and each timne it worked.

That said.  I’m now trying for a third time after a recent blackout and it’s not looking hopeful.

Hope this helps