WDTV Live Hub Blank White WDTV Live Hub Icon in Windows 7 Network Folder

This icon used to look like an MP3 Portable Device Icon for WDTV under the Windows 7 Network Folder.

Now this icon has turned Blank (White Page) Icon.

How can I get this Icon to look like the WDTV Live Hub icon in Windows 7?

I have done No Changes to my Windows 7 PC besides Windows Updates.

Windows Update did install some new Update it found for WDTV Live Hub. Everything works fine, except the Icon is a Blank White Page. I would like to have a Proper WDTV Live Hub icon displayed under the Networking folder.

This is on all of my PCs and 2 Laptops.

Anyone else have this? Please do your Windows Updates, Leave your WDTV Live Hub On, Go to Start Menu then Networking.

Hello, did you tried disconnecting and remapping the live hub?

I did that numerous times. The icon just looked like a Blank White Icon, and in Devices and Printers options, it looked like a Box with a Play button on it. Initially, the icon used to look like a Portable MP3 player. I also went intto the Windows 7 options of Device Installation settings, where It is set to update Icons.

The issue was FIXED after I updated the latest Firmware. So this remains a mystery issue and may well return. Just one of those annoying things that happens with the WDTV, and Windows 7 gives very limited options on how to control Icons.