WDTV Live Hub as "linear" jukebox

My main use of my new WDTVLH is as a replacement for my Pioneer CD jukebox.  I’ve ripped a number of CDs to FLAC, and uploaded them to the WDTVLH internal HD.  Each CD is in an individual subfolder of the master folder, “Lounge.”  So far so good.  Now, what I want to do is select “Lounge” in folders, or the first CD, ie “Ann-Margret,” and have the WDTVLH play all music in the Lounge folder until I stop it.  But no.  Trying to play from “Lounge” throws the error “no files in this folder.”  If I then select the first song in an album folder, the album plays, but then repeats without going to the next album.  I do have a folder.jpg in each album folder, so I’m aware of that problerm, but I’m hoping there is a solution to that by now.  I also DL’d Playlist Creator today, so perhaps I should just add all of the Lounge CDs to that and play from the playlist?

At some point I’ll want to shuffle all these albums, but that can wait for another day.

There is really only 2 ways to do what you want.  Either add each song to the queue, then play them from the dashboard.  Or create a playlist, which is the easiest and least time consuming way.

Keep in mind on the playlist the Wd will start back at the begining of the playlist at about 60 to 65 items. I definately have a problem with movies and seen others that have a problem with music also. I am so hoping WD has got this as a priority to fix almost returned My hub because of this

I guess I should clarify a bit more now I cannot say if you play up to 60 songs if it will go back to beginning I just know scrolling and browsing it goes back to the beginning at 60 on mine I have heard 63 on others