Wdtv live - how to change from composite to hdmi


I pressed the reset button on my wdtv live but I wasn’t aware that the output would default to composite rather than hdmi.

 As a result the unit boots, shows the wd opening screen, and then goes blank.

I believe the composite output is then working but as I no linger have the 3.5mm to composite cable I can’t change to hdmi.

Is there a way I can do this remotely or even someone guide thou rough pressing button blindly to do it?

All help greatly appreciated!


This problem does not happen to my Live Plus when I hit the reset, so here are some ideas:

How long did you hold the reset in?  if more than a second or two, (like 10 secs or more) you probably changed it from NTSC to PAL or vice versa.  US needs NTSC, Europe needs PAL.  This is what my manual says about the reset button:

Press for one second to reset to factory defaults (see “Reset

to Factory Defaults” on page 140). Press and hold 10 seconds

to toggle between NTSC and PAL. Use a fine-tipped stylus or

the unfolded end of a paperclip to press the reset switch.

So, depending upon what you need, toggle between NTSC/PAL for 10 seconds.  AFTER first trying some other ideas :

Remove power from the WD (unplug it) and wait 10 or more seconds and plug it back in.

Check your HDMI connection at both ends.  Is it snug?

Hit reset again for one sec.

If it works and you see the WD menu, then set video to HDMI/Auto.  That will get you going again.

If these steps don’t work, then try the toggle.  If that doesn’t work, then toggle one more time to get back to where it was, and let us know you still have a problem.

Note:  I just read more of the manual, and the NTSC/PAL issue should only affect the composite signal out, not HDMI, so that idea I gave may not be useful.  I also went into my WD’s menu and tried to change from HDMI to Composite.  I could then choose between NTSC or PAL.  The WD would not let me change to Composite /NTSC because it likely detected the HDMI connection and no Composite connection.  This leads me to think your unit is not detecting your HDMI connection, so check that cable’s connections well.  Even try a different HDMI cable if necessary.

Out of interest the player does not ‘switch’ between HDMI and composite, they are both on at the same time. As has been said its likely that your TV is not connecting correctly with the HDMI output on the player.

Fantastic, thank you very much.

I must have switched to NTSC like you said.

Thanks again!