WDTV Live Help

Okay here is the scenario

I turn my hard drive on which is connected to the WD TV Live ( note the WD TV Live is off ). I have it networked mapped on my computer. I transfer files across to it at the usual 9 to 10m speeds. After I have finished transferring the files, how do I safely remove the hard drive? Obviously there is nothing in the notification area so I can’t “safely remove” the hard drive. So I have to manually turn the hard drive off at the wall. Is there any other way to safely remove the hard drive through the notification area in the bottom left in windows 7?

Is disconnect network drive the same as “safely remove”

Simple enough question so hopefully a simple enough answer, lol

Cheers for any help

I have to say I am completely confused by your question. That being said:

If your external drive is connected to a USB port on your live HUB, turn the hub on (out of standby mode) and then hit the eject button that is on the remote. That will let you unplug the drive from the HUB.

Your windows box shouldn’t have anything to do with unplaugging the drive from the hub. If you have a drive mapped from windows to the hub that you no longer want, just right click on the drive letter and choose disconnect. It will go away.

Not really sure if that answered anything for you but am unclear on what you are trying to do.


Here’s an idea – get a HD to connect to the HUB that has a sleep mode after a few minutes of non-use.  Unless, of course, you need to remove the HD to use it elsewhere.  In that case, pearl’s suggestion will work fine in either situation.

Actually, this is the Live Hub forum. The Live is a different device and has its own forum. As for the Live Hub, if that’s what you are connecting the hard drive to then just click the Eject button on the remote to disconnect.