WDTV Live - HDMI Auto Resolution doesnt works at all + PAL / NTSC Framerate ( Hz ) Issues

I do have a European Model and i do own many Videos in NTSC and also in PAL.

Avi, Vobs, DVDs…

MY “old” Philips DVDPlayer which support 50/ 60 Hz Playxback and has an Option “AUTO” in the Setttings

flawless playbacks PAL as it does NTSC with the accurate Framerate and 60 Hz for NTSC ( If a perhaps NTSC Vob with 23,9  or 29,7 Frames  is detected) which givs a smooth playback on my TV,

The WDTV does not.

If i setup the WDTV to “AUTO” it always shows up Videos in 720p 50 Hz no matter if its 1080p 1080i PAL or NTSC.

If it does that, playing NTSC FIles in 50 HZ ,its very stutterly in movement.

I can directly see the at the Moment  used WD Resolution pressing my Remote Info Button and it does showup 720p 50 Hz alltime. If i manually add 1080i 60 Hz in the WD Settings it shows up 1080i on my Info Display.

I use Firmware 1.3x now on the WDTV Live and it doesnt matters if i do Factory Resets it always plays the Videos in 720p50Hz using AUto although my TV is a 1080i/p anbd the Source Video is perhaps 1080.

But shouldnt the WD Live  automatically detect the correct Resolution and refreshrate  choosing AUTO in the Video Settings with HDMI ?

My  DVDPlayer is doing fine that and its 3 Years old.

Edit: 04.03.2011

Whoops …

Beta v1.04.22_V  is out since 3/3/2011

Supporting Autoframerate and much improves :slight_smile:

Ill test it and review.

Thx WD Developers !

Hah.  That’s funny.   :smileyvery-happy:

Another satisfied Searcher!  :)


Auto Framerate now works very good.

Only lack is if you have like Musicvideos with Pal NTSC mixed , so if the next Video is NTSC while you just play a PAL

it skips like 3 or 5 seconds of the next Video.

I guess  its detecting the Framerate / Aspect in the background cuze thats not happening once you deactivate the Resolution Scan ( Auto Framerate ( in the Audio / Video Settings.


But beside this its working VERY Good for the Auto Framerate Part now.

Really <3


Worstcase with the new Beta is that all Optical Audio is deactivated and non TOS Link works anymore : )