WDTV Live HD - firmware issue

Hi guys, 

I have the WD TV Live HD Media Player, WDAAP0000NBK which has been on the 1.04/1.05 versions of firmware until recently. 

Read the update log and all seemed ok to go to 1.06.43_V so off it went. 

Now its useless…

I can access my shares and that part of it is fine, I can access my DLNA server too and thats accessing MKV’s without issues either. 


When I navigate to a DVD rip folder for say a tv series, highlight the VIDEO_TS folder and hit play like I used to, it plays part of the intro, skips the menus (that used to work fine also) and starts playing the 1st episode. No way to get to any of the other episodes or get the menu up. 

It also now no longer selects the correct frame rate (i’m in the UK so we run at 25fps for DVD’s, this now selects 60!), playing a BR Rip to MKV automatically changes it to 24fps as expected.

DLNA has also gone and messed up. 

Looking at the DLNA options, my DLNA controller can no longer send the above MKV to the device, it can now only be pulled from the server.

The Intel UPNP tools show that the unit no longer accepts Matroska or MKV types, why has this gone (breaks my home automation)

The Remote App and ability would be nice if it was actually useful. Yes it can play/stop, but why no 10sec skip, DVD/MKV chapter selections/Subtitle control/Jump direct to Pictures/Music/Video or allow to enter a DLNA server to jump to as a Favourites.

Most importantly though are the DVD, auto framerate and DLNA behaviours, are these going to be fixed soon… especially as it states we can no longer downgrade the firmwares.


With Match framerate you should see no stutter. On the SMP you can set it via

Setup > Audio/Video Output > Video Output > HDMI > Auto > Auto > On

and should be done similarly on the old Live.

If it still does not work, you CAN downgrade to 1.06.34 and then to 1.06.15. I even downgraded from 1.06.43 to 1.06.15 (or was it 1.05.04? Would have to check the threads). Just make sure to do a complete reset before and after each update.