WDTV Live has gone permanently black

P/N WDB-HG70000NBK-01

I bought a year or two ago and spent countless hours troubleshooting why the video would go black or why the audio would be lost at times. 3 nights ago, I was able to watch an entire season of Big Bang theory w/o incident;. Last night (Xmas eve) I tried to watch some Xmas shows and, again, the screen kept going black and/or the audio would stop working.

I am an I.T. Manager and have years of respect for WD products but this device got the best of me. It was the last straw.

I unplugged the device, took it out into the garage and beat it relentlessly with a hammer. And it felt great. Finally, a couple of years of missed tv shows/movies, etc… came out.

And it felt wonderful. Unfortunately, now I have no streaming device. Not sure if I will try a Roku or what. Just wanted to let you know that the device is permanently dead now. If anyone wants pics, let me know.

Ps. WD, I think you can do MUCH better. This product leaves a lot to be desired.

Maybe it was only a bad HDMI cable. :grimacing:

Oh, how I wish it were that easy :)sunglasses: