WDTV Live Hardwired connected to PC Does not see additional external drives

Until approx 2 weeks ago I use to stream from a Mediasonice 4 bays connected to my PC Via USB3 connection. Now whenever I go into the Windows shares ion the WDTV Player I can only see my internal drives that are in my tower. All drives in The Mediasonice Pro Box which are shared do show up in Windows Explorer on my PC, in addition all shared drives also appear in under Network as being shared. I have tried to do a factory reset with no resolution now I’m at an impass. This started only when I had done a BIOS update on the PC, I then backed out with still no resolution, anyone have any suggestions?

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Have you checked on the security section of the 4 bay drive and tried to give acccess to everyone to see if that helps on seing the drive on the wdtv?

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Thanks for your response and yes I have checked the security as well as the firewall, on my computer I see all connected drive but when coming from the WDTV Live back to my router then back into my PC I only see my internal drives