I expected than Western Digital, as a major and responsable company to have a good policy in this field,but if I’m looking to the WDTV Live device, I can say there is NO POLICY regarding this aspect. Why? I’m the owner of a WDTV Live streaming device and a Panasonic 50’ TV Plasma.If I forget to program on my TV Plasma ,the shutdown time function and I fall asleep watching a movie on my WDTV Live media player,my electricity bill goes high,because WDTV doesn’t have an auto shutdown function, if WDTV goes in idle mode.
Any TV Plasma,LCD set on the market, if they doesn’t have an active signal on the input,had an auto shutdown command ,meaning after a time of no input signal the device goes automatically in standby mode.Because the output signal from WDTV is active all the time,my Panasonic TV Plasma auto shutdown function can not work.My plasma power consumption is about 280 W in active mode and 6 W in standby mode,so think how much energy I waste an I pay for it, because TV set doesn’t have the possibility to activate the auto shutdown function. Prior of the WDTV I owned a  chinese brand media player based on a Realtek chipset,which had this function and I’ve thinked is a common function for all media players on the market .I was disappointed to find than WDTV Live doesn’t have this function.So, can someone from WD staff, to tell me , what should I have to do,to avoid the situation described above ?Do you plan to introduce in a future firmware release, a time shutdown function or an auto shutdown function like all “go green” products have ? Selling the Panasonic TV plasma set, is not an option,but returning the WDTV live media player in the near future,can be consider…

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My Samsung Blu-ray player maintains an active signal as well.  It is because it’s one of those newer devices which can receive control signals from connected devices via the HDMI cable.  I sure don’t need an auto shutdown feature.  I can turn off my own TV, thank you very much.  You said your concern is falling asleep watching TV.  Doesn’t your TV have a sleep timer?

@Zippotrance - Try posting this in the Western Digital Live Streaming Ideas forum section.

@Toddler - Not sure if you read OP’s post but from what he’s saying the TV will not shut down because the SMP is sending a signal preventing it from shutting down regardless of the TV settings. It’s great that you can turn off your TV, but did you consider that older folk might also be using this device too and may just fall asleep while watching a program? Heck I enjoy falling asleep during a movie so I too would rather have my devices power down to save on the electricity bills.

They could include this as a feature that you can turn on/off.

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@Fennec, he didn’t say his TV will not shut down when it’s connected to the SMP.  He said it won’t automatically shut down when it senses there is no input from the connected source, because the connected source (the SMP) is still active.  I offered a solution–use the sleep timer function built into every modern TV set.

The ideal solution would be an auto-shutoff like he is looking for, and if WD could offer that as a user-controllable setting, I’d have no problem with it, but I would not want this “green” feature pushed into a firmware update unless it were optional.