WDTV Live Gen 3, keeps rebooting itself while scrolling through videos

The problem wasnt there the first 2 months I owned the box, but it sometimes refuses to turn off, and often times it will reboot while scrolling through my movie collection located on a network drive.  I have the most recent firmware (didnt fix) and dont know where else to go…

I have a wired (CAT6) connection  and this thing works great when it works correctly.  Its a pain in the @$$ when you are scrolling through the movie collection, the machine reboots, and you lose the connection to the network shares.  I have over 3 TB of movies spread across 3 folders on 2 seperate drives.  Any ideas?

I finally have had it… did advance replacement with WD, hopefully WDTV LIVE #2 works better than # 1 did!

glad to know you got it replace

must of the times a rollback fixes this issue

You have the same problem as many of us do.  The issue is resolved in the next firmware update… 

Well the “New” warranty  replacement WDTV Live is doing the same thing as the original.  Some here have fixed the issue by using an alternate power supply so I will try switching those as well.  Im at a loss!  This **bleeps**! 

I said “New” because WD sent me a factory refurbished unit!  Im going to test several other “fixes” listed on this forum.  Among them:

1.)    Change/Swap Power Supply (The WD TV Live Gen 3 has a P.S. rated at an output of 12V/1.5A Polarity is + inner and - outer connector)

2.)    Switch from using DHCP to a statically assigned IP address.

3.)   Change Movie View to one that doesnt show all the cover art, backdrops, etc.

4.) Wait for next firmware “Fix”


DaryL, you’re not paying attention. :slight_smile: lt’s a known bug. Your only option is to downgrade per WD’s instructions.

Where are these instructions? Would appreciate a point in the right direction.

I can live with the rebooting, since it doesn’t occur during the playing of media but I’d still like to fix it if possible.



I know its a known bug and only last week a WD employee announced it would be in next firmware!  Im just sad that it took a 2nd unit and an RMA to solve something that’s a “known bug”, yet still unsolved because a customer service rep was either ignorant or uninformed of the issue.  I had to dig in this forum to find out possible fixes for this bug.

In other words, I feel that a C.S.R. should have been able to tell me this was a known issue and a fix is on the way, or to try and change my view settings when scrolling through movies.  But, sadly customer service and actual problem solving is becoming a lost art!

I’ve only just bought one of these units and have the latest firmware on it (2.something?).  Having the same problems with re-booting, both while scrolling and after it’s played a couple of music tracks in a row.  Have tried rolling back to 1.7 firmware but still doing it.  Does anyone know of a good stable firmware I can roll back to to save me going through all of them?  Thanks!