WDTV LIVE Gen 3 - 3tb HDD

After being a user of the original WDTV units v1 & v2 I stopped buying anymore WD players due to their pityful support and nasty habit EOL’ing half finished products. Finally I re-joined the WD fold when I purchased a v3 LIVE.

First the positives…an awesome player (at last). This really is an excellent piece of kit. No more making cover art tiles in Photoshop!!!

Fast, slick and supurb picture output.

If anyone searches out my old posts, you’ll see I always used lossless Blu-ray m2ts as my file of choice. Yes they’re big, but once you crop out the unwated sound tracks and PGS files you can often shave 3-5GB off.

Now I have one of these, I too am at the crossroads facing the big Elephant in the Room…3tb Drive support.

As of right now, mid 2012, who has got  their 3tb external “USB” (not NAS) drive working perfectly with a “V3” Live without resorting to things like partitioning as 2 smaller volumes etc.

Who has got any “non” WD brands working?

By answering this you will be helping many users concerned about buying into 3tb.

I use a WD Elements Desktop 3TB and haven’t had a single problem with it working.

my one gripe is I need to purchase another as I have only a few gbs left of space, but thats on me :smiley:

Keep in mind rear port does not work with USB 3.0 drives.

Not sure if this helps but I’m using the following without any problems. Both are formatted with a single NTFS partition…

  1. WD Elements 3TB WDBAAU0030HBK (rear port)

  2. Seagate GoFlex Desk 4TB STAC4000100 (front port)


Try to connect GoFlex Desk 4TB STAC4000100 to the rear port.
This disease is with a rear port lasts six months.
Before purchasing a SMP, first read here about compatibility with drives: