WDTV LIVE Freezes Sometimes on Some folders

I have a WDTV Live with latest stock firmware. I have my movie organized into folders with about 150 subfolders each with a “folder.jpg” in each to dispaly a jhpg I made of dvd cover. I made each msyelf and can find nothing wrong with them. they are ech 180x120 with no metatags and very simple formate (8 bit).

Every once in a while the WD TV Live will freeze when in one of the main folder containing the 150 subfolders. It happnes often but not always. This requeires a pull of the power (a PITA in my setup) to restor efunction and restart.

Is there some way to troubleshoot this? I can not find any currupt or bad jpg files.

Do any of the .mkv files in the folders that “die” have compression enabled in the header of either the video track or the audio tracks?