WDTV Live forgets video out settings

Hi, I’ve just moved my WDTV to a different room and connected it to an older TV, still via HDMI.

To make the picture work properly, I need to change the Video output to 720p/60hz, color space RGB High and color depth 8 bit.

When I turn the WDTV off and on again, the resolution stays at 720p/60, but the color space and depth reset to AUTO, which causes the TV to act up.  It’s only a small thing, but the non-geeks here don’t appreciate the need to re-configure the unit every time it’s used.

Have I not noticed a big ‘Save Settings’ button somewhere, or is this something else of a more sinister nature?



Hello wusl.au,

Probably the TV does not support that configuration.

Have you tried a different settings for the color depth?

Well, my problem is that the TV does not support the AUTO settings for color space and depth.

However, when I set those to non-auto values that DO work, I lose those settings when the WDTV goes into standby.

In essence, I want to know how to make the non-AUTO settings for color space and depth persistent.


Unfortunately, the device does not remember video settings. In the past, there have been many posts about this issue. I had the same problem with my Live Plus not remembering video settings. I would set the video output to 1080i 60hz, and the color space to RGB Low, however, after turning it off and on again, it would usually power up set at 720p, and it would reset the color space to Auto. (My older plasma TV does not support 720p).

I wrote about the problem here on this board for well over two years, but it was never fixed. Unless WD decides to release a new firmware that fixes this issue, you will have to keep manually resetting the video output every time that you turn the device off and on again.

You could just leave the device on all the time. When this idea was first mentioned to me, I thought that it was a joke, but leaving the device on all the time turned out to be the answer for many people.

Sorry for posting on an old issue.  I did check before I posted, but probably used the wrong search terms.

Thanks Scandy for your answer. 

Luckily, this unit’s in my study and now that I’m clued up I can remember to reset these values when I want to watch something. 

If it was out in the other parts of the house there would be severe user backlash at such an oversight.  Luckily, everyone else uses an opposition black box as a media centre which works very well.

Maybe someone from the Dev team will see my post and be reminded to make these settings persistent.


Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

As of firmware 1.16.13, the forgetting of video out settings has been fixed, per release notes http://support.wdc.com/download/notes/WDTV_Live_Release_Notes_1_16_13.pdf?v=9787

Let me be the first to thank WD for actually listening to their users, and acting to make improvements.

You may not have noticed that firmware v1.16.13  is for the Streaming Media Player. If you have that version of the player you are all set. Also, there is a different forum for the SMP. If you have that version, post here: SMP Forum

This forum is for the WDTV Live and WDTV Live Plus media players. These are older versions of the media player than the current SMP. The problem of not remembering video settings is still there with these older units.


Still, I’m happy.