WDTV Live Facebook restarts the device

I am not sure whether someone already reported this. When I try to access the Facebook Wall the device hangs and restarts itself. Does someone else experience this issues.


Yes, I was experiencing that exact issue on the HUB last week. I think there was something on my wall that the app wasn’t prepared to deal with. The problem went away a few days later, presumably the bad content aged out.

For me it just froze.

Seems I am not the only one who experience this. Should be a bug within the FW

If it’s still happening to you, try going into FB via your PC’s browser and see if you can narrow down what “Wall” post is doing it.

I also had this reboot problem few days ago. But after the reboot, I was able to go to Facebook without any problem. Few days later,  I got the exact same reboot problem when watching a movie from my DLNA server (TVersity) while doing fast forward. It’s why I think that the reboot problem isn’t really a Facebook problem. Memory management or memory limitation problem? Problem with the new multi-download? Bad code?

My WD Live box had never done that before the last two firmware updates in November. From this point of view, the problem with Facebook isn’t a real problem since it wasn’t available in older firmwares few months ago, but having my WD Live box rebooting while playing a movie is a huge problem. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to do that too frequently. I’m using my WD Live box at most 1 or 2 times a week and I got 4 reboots since November.

Beside that, the new options provided by the last firmwares updates are really great. Well done guys! I hope to have a new firmware update in the next weeks to get the problem solved.

We did track down a bug that causes Facebook to reboot the box sometimes, and we’re working on it.

The reboot you encountered while fast forwarding may be an unrelated (but equally serious) bug. If it happens again, can you PM me with more details about the problem?

Mine is doing this when ever I go to newsfeeds on my facebook account.  Device is one day old and I immediately updated the firmware to 2.03.24.

I had a new WD TV LIVE HUB 1TB and does the same. Restarts when I click on newsfeed in FB. With latest fw loaded.