WDTV Live Encoding

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I watch a lot of movies but I always include subtitles via hard/soft subbing them. I’m wondering if WDTV Live can handle non-english (foreign characters such as Chinese and Japanese and Korean) via soft sub and hard sub.

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If you mean by “hard” that the subs are burned into the image, then of course it can.  It will play whatever the image is.  Conversely, if you mean by “soft” that the subs are external to the file then it depends on the subs.

In general there are two distinct types of subs – bitmapped and code.  A bitmapped sub is what it sounds like – just an image that is overlayed on top of the program.  The Live will of course display this properly because it’s just an image, no matter the language.

Coded subs have to be a language the Live understands, because it will need to translate them properly.  It can not do this for most iconic languages (i.e. the ones you mentioned) because it doesn’t have the right tables to look them up.