WDTV Live does not play video from whs 11

Hello you all,

New problem with wd tv live, with new firmware

when i try to play a video (from whs 11 media server) only opens thumbnail (star to play) and nothing more happens! Just the “waiting circle” and the wdtv frezzes!

1 st was the shares folders (something to do with master browser), now this…

please, someone…?

(in the box should have an advert that it is a product just for network administrators!!!)

thanks in advance

What video are you trying to play - post the mediainfo  http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

You could also try connecting via Network Shares instead of whs 11.

thanks for your fast reply,

I have tried to play “regular” avi.

The strange thing is wdtv have already successufly read it. I do believe this last firmware [Deleted]!

My fist problem is in deed with the network shares: they simply can’t be found…