WDTV Live + DNS-323 + iTunes

Hi folks, I’m really in need of some help here as I’m about to throw my wdtv out of the window…

Here’s my setup:

  • WDTV Live (connected to my HDTV via HDMI)

  • NAS (dns-323 from D-Link with fun_plug) with UPNP AV server (from dlink), and recently tried the firefly.addon (also from dlink)

  • iTunes database (on my laptop which I use to add/remove/etc… music and sync on my iPod Touch, and the iTunes folders are mirrored/duplicated on my NAS every hour or so, so I can use it for wdtv live)

What I want:

  1. I have finally succedeed to watch my videos (with the latest firmware) thru “Network Shares” on wdtv live. DONE

  2. Pictures, easy. DONE

  3. Music:  I want to be able to play my iTunes’s music PLAYLIST (files are organized for iTunes architecture tree) on my wdtv live, with the iTunes folder on my NAS dns-323 (which remember is mirrored from my laptop). I cannot and will not scroll to songs I have so “Network Shares” seems to be out of the question…

I need to use my iTunes playlist/smartlist, which can change anytime if I add/remove songs, so I don’t have to re-do/create/modify a playlist on my iTunes and wdtv separatly, nor having to refresh manually my NAS (ex. DNLA, UPNP, etc). I want this to be transparent.I add a file on iTunes and add it to a playlist (or it is added auto via smartlist) and I want the changes to be auto reflected on wdtv live.

I though using the “Media Server” option on the wdtv live would work, but playlist don’t seem to be working (no file in current folders), and I also tried to change the “Genre” to add other genre like “christmas” so all my mp3 tagged with “christmas” would be there…

Ok, am I making any sense?  Thanks for any info or help!

Well, that ain’t gonna work.  :)

The m3u playlists include the full path to a file…  but it’s from iTunes perspective on the machine that created it.

IE:  an m3u has lines like this:

F:\iTunes\Alison Krauss\Now That I’ve Found You\09 I Will.mp3

But your WDTV has NO CLUE what F:\iTunes… means!   Especially that F: business.   You’re going to have to figure out how to convert that playlist and resolve paths the way the WDTV wants to see them.

for example, my iTunes directory IS the share, so my m3u would probably look more like this:

\Alison Krauss\Now That I’ve Found You\09 I Will.mp3

TonyPh12345 wrote:


\Alison Krauss\Now That I’ve Found You\09 I Will.mp3

hmmmm… is this an actual Alison Krauss song? :smiley:

…call me before throwing, I will be there to Catch :smileyvery-happy:

Heheheh…    I just popped open iTunes and grabbed three tracks into a new playlist…   I wasn’t even watching which ones I grabbed.   My wife and I share libraries, but mine does not sync Country.  “Alison” just appeared close to the top  :)

Oh, but to answer the first question:   Yes. 

And, not knowing her discography, I have no idea what ibne101 is talking about!  :)

Methinks Tony doth protest too much. :smileyvery-happy:

Try putting the playlist file in the folder as the songs in the playlist.  That’s the only way I found this to work.

Does this work on the hub?    I am playing with m3u playlists and get an error that no files are found when I navigate to the file in the Files menu.

I changed C:\Music\Eric Clapton\01 song.mp3   to

\Music\Eric Clapton\01 song.mp3

and also tried

/Music/Eric Clapton/01 song.mp3

and did not get anything different.   

Where should these files be stored on the hub and how should we execute them?

I have

70_80 music\Alex And Cherrelle - Saturday Love.mp3

70_80 music\Alexander O’Neal - Criticize.mp3

70_80 music\Alice Cooper - Schools Out.mp3

and the .mu3 playlist is the same folder and disc as the music files

so if I have a folder called ‘music’ within that folder I have the playlist and also the folder ‘70_80 music’ which in turn has the tracks.

maybe you should get rid of the first \