WDTV Live: Display as 'movie' or as 'folder'

Hi all,

I have recently bought a HDTV Live and attached a USB drive were the different DVDs are in different folders, added metadata as XML and a thumbnail as JPG.

Here’s the tricky part:

Some of them are displayed as folders (folder symbol in the thumbnail, no metadata displayed, once you open the folder everything is there), other are directly displayed as movie including metadata (without the folder icon). So far I was not able to figure out why this is the case and what’s triggering it.

Please help.

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What about the files in the drive, are they in the same folder?

Hi Ragdexx,

structure is the same:

each DVD structure is in a separate folder, containing the .vob, .ifo and .bup files and the cover (jpg) and the meta data (xml); even when both contain a sub-folder .backdrop created by the WD TV Live…

So far I could not find out any difference. Not in file names, attributes …

I had the same problem and here is how I solved it:

  • check that the file name for the movie (it’s an ISO file in my case), the jpg and the xml is EXACTLY (it is case sensitive) the same (the way I do it: edit the iso file name (F2), then copy it, edit the jpg and xml file name and paste)

  • in the xml (created using Synopsis), check that the value of the prevtitle banner is EXACTLY the iso name.

Once that done, I removed the .wd.tv folder from my hard disk’s root.

Now and then when I add a new movie, the thumbnail won’t display. If that happens, I remvode the .wd.tv folder from my disk’s root, and that usually solves the problem.

However, I still have a few movies for which the thumbnail will display only depending on the way the movie list is displayed (change done with the yellow button). And I have one movie which will not go the correct “genre” even if the meta-data show it!..

Hi msmdv,

thanks for your reply. I’ll check and report the status here.



Hi msmdv,

big THANKS!!!

You gave the right hint. This effect is coming from a spelling / naming difference between folder name and the Title in the XML file.