WDTV Live damaged file structure

Thanks in advance for any suggestions I get :slight_smile: – just a tad frustrated.

I’ve had the WDTV live since it came out, and have been immensely satisfied with it.  Last year, I bought the updated model with Netflix capability and have been using it ever since.

I pulled out my first model today to give away with a drive packed with video files.  I updated the firmware first.  Then I connected a 500 GB Maxtor that I’ve used on this countless times before.  The USB light on the WDTV Live blinked a few times, but then turned off and refused to acknowledge the device.  While still under warranty, this four-year old drive has seen tons of use, so I figured it must be dead.  So i plugged it into a PC, and Windows 7 sees it as “raw” – so all of my data is lost.  Again, if the drive is bad, then I’ll get over it.

So I pulled out my second Maxtor 500 GB drive – same exact thing happened.  Both drives can be reformatted, and still work, but somehow connecting these drives to the media player (that I’ve used on this device before) somehow damages the file structure/partition.

As a last resort (and because there is no way I’m connecting my 3TB master drive), I threw a file on a 32 GB flash drive, and it worked just fine.

Thankfully, the ruined drives were nothing more than copies of existing data, but I am unable to connect these drives directly for some reason.

Thoughts and/or suggestions?


Joe R.

What file system are you using for the external Maxtor? Also check if the problem only happens with one of the USB ports on the WDTV.

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Still using NTFS as they were when I had used them last year, and I tested them under both ports (though after trying the rear port, the damage may already have been done).  I’ll reformat one of the drives and give it a try.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks again for the reply – I tested it using just the side port and it works just fine – guess a bit of tape over the rear port will keep it from happening again.  Never saw ports go bad, but as long as I’m in business, I’m good.