WDTV Live corrupted Hard Drive

The external drive is a WD My Book USB harddrive - extra compatable with the WD Live! It powers down after the WD Live turns off, and powers up on it’s own when the WD Live is turned on via the remote. 

However, it corrupted the entire drive last night! Everything, gone. I’ve had to reformat the drive anew, and (thankfully) use a backup to move files in batches back to the drive. I don’t recall exactly how the drive was setup for entertainment, but it’s going to a take hours. 

This hasn’t happened to me before with other computers, why did it happen now?

I ran a diagnosic tool on the recently reformatted drive - no issues. I use Mac OS X and it’s never been an issue with the drive setup before. 

Anyone else had their WD Live erase your hard drive?

If you check the boards you’ll note this is extremely random with no set trigger, I’d have the drive checked with multiple tools and considering calling WD just in case…

I was experiencing the same thing with a 2.5" IDE notebook drive. I didn’t lose any data but it kept on asking me to scan the drive whenever I plugged it in to my laptop for file transfers. Well, the drive finally gave up and I bought a new WD portable external 160GB drive and occasionally it’ll ask me the same thing. From thereon I just ‘eject’ the drive whenener I’m not using it and before powering OFF the unit. So far it’s been alright.

Happened to me too -