WDTV Live continually restarting after firmware update

Hi, I’m new here so please be gental if this has been asked before but I can’t find the answer.

I has recently got a WD HDTV Live and initially had problems getting it to connect the my wifi. After reading a few posts on this site I eventually got it working.

After it connected, all was going great, it then did a firmware update to 1.12.14. This is when it goes bad.

The unit would then continually restart itself about 30 seconds after loading up. This went for a few hours. I then reset the unit (holding the button in for 20 seconds). Now I can get into it but when I try to re-establish the network/ wifi connection it restarts itself again.

I have removed it from the network device list (thinking a fresh logon will help) but this did nothing.

Please help, as I’m thinking I have bought a lemon.

IM in the same boat for 3 units!!

You’re posting this in the wrong forum

OK. Sorry about posting in the wrong place, as said I’m new here.

Could you please tell me the correct place to post this question?


Spend 2 seconds searching…