WDTV Live colored buttons Harmony one

Is there a way to assign the color (A Green B Red C Yellow D Blue) buttons on the WDTV Live to the soft keys of my Harmomy one?

Sure.  The Harmony has ALL of the buttons in the WDTV profile.

How do you get them to show up on the soft keys? I have them asigned but they don’t show in color just text for the color.

Harmony doesn’t allow that.

Thanks Tony

Sorry to contradict, but on my Harmony ONE I have programmes the four color-keys and they show up in full color; a red or yellow or green or blue circle in a rectangle.

Well, that’s good news… But how did you do it?

Do you happen to have Direct tv? I have read that you can do that if you have that service.

You must make an Activity and save as Watch TV not anything else.

I do not have Direct TV but yes it colours the buttons also as its Watch TV Tag.

  1. Add your WD as 1st device.

  2. Add a 2nd device like your TV and if you do not use a 2nd device it just add a dummy device.

  3. Make an activity out of the 2 devices and even though its technically Watch Videos Tag, use the Watch TV tag.

This gives you the coloured buttoms, if you do not save as Watch TV it will not colour them only text.

You are not manually naming any thing, you use the Default Tag’s and if you do it corectlyl the Default On Screen Icon for this Activity will be a TV screen with a Parrrot on it.