Wdtv LIVE change audio tracks (android app controlled playback)

Hi everyone!

I want to playback ts-videos (recorded with topfield sat receiver) with 2 or 3 audio tracks! (From my home server Synology DS212j)

By default the Dolby Digital track (5.1) is NOT activated.

If i start the playback directly from the wdtv LIVE i can switch the audio track manually to DD.

But I want to start the playback from android apps (e.g. imediashare or bubble dlna).

This works nearly perfectly (skip, jump, pause, volume). The only problem: There’s no possibility to change the audio track to DD (also not in the option menu of wdtv LIVE), which is a big problem!

My question: How can I set the default audio track to DD 5.1, so that every playback starts with this track or is there a possibility to switch audio tracks in case of remote controlled playback like it works in case of local playback-start!

If not, please Western Digital fix this bug into the next firmware update!

Thanks for every tipp!


AFAIK this can not be done

If the app does not give you the option to switch the audio channel you will need to play it at the preset option

unless you might want to try to remove the other audio options therefore leaving 5.1 as the only playback option

not that I know how to that however :smileyvery-happy:

I’m not understanding what you want to do.

The WDTV Live (which PLAYING the files) will always default to the FIRST audio track – that’s by design, not a bug.

 also not in the option menu of wdtv LIVE

Yes, it is, unless I don’t understand your question.

And yes, you CAN switch via remote control – the WDTV Remote has an “Audio” button on it which you can use to change tracks.

The Web-based Remote also has an Audio button which can do the same thing.

 please Western Digital fix this bug into the next firmware update!

What bug?