WDTV LIVE cant run shares off my Synology DS212j

Hi all, 

Had a great time with this little product love it! Having lots of problems getting it to access the shares on my Synology DS212j which I just purchased. 

It works great over USB

It works great with shares from my different windows 7 machines. 

It will see but WILL NOT play the shares from the synology drive - I have tried accessing videos on it using regular windows sharing and using the DNLA share facility on the Synology NAS. 

The shares work fine, I have tested them on the windows machines. They can read the shares fine. The DNLA sharing works fine too on the windows machines, I have tested it and can see the DNLA shares and play them on the windows machines.

I am kinda stumped as to why the WD TV Live isn’t playing the shares off the NAS Drive or playing the videos in the DNLA folder. 

I have tried AVI and MKV files. They both just hang on a black screen with the little loading circle in the middle of the screen. 

Please help :frowning:

just so you are aware - all my devices seem happy with the shares, all ways except the WD TV Live is refusing the access the videos on the NAS which I cant figure out :frowning:

hang on hang on hang on… was I meant to enable Network File system on the NAS? NFS? 

I just did - going to run downstairs to see if its no working :slight_smile:

No it didnt work :frowning:

I am getting really tired of this not working. 

I have tried windows shares - with which I can browse all files in the shared directories BUT as soon as I go to play a file, it just sits with the loading logo spinning endlessley. It never actually starts the video I wanted to play. 

I gave up and just used the USB external hard drive again but I really want this working off the Synology NAS. 

I tried the NFS share system on the NAS and searched for Linux shares, I could see the IP address of the NAS and looked on it but this didnt work either. 

Just to confirm, all the shares work correctly for all my windows machines on the network.