WDTV live can't find my media

I just purchased this and when I select video>Folders>Shared Videos, it only shows the sample videos folder… I have tried copying a movie to that folder but it doesn’t show the movie I copied to the folder only Wildlife in HD. I have went and made sure it was not hidden, I have shared it with everyone just like the instructions but it still can’t find it. Now this is with the USB HDD hooked up to my PC, if I hook it up to the WDTV Live it doesn’t even see the drive. The drive is a Hitachi 4TB SATA drive in a SATA to USB enclosure. The drive works fine hooked up to the PC but not with the WDTV. 

Can someone assist me in getting this up and running please?



The WD cannot access usb drives connected to a pc.

If the usb light in front doesn’t flash when plugging in the drive then its not compatible.

Copy the video to C: drive - Public - videos.

Check forum for recommended media server programs, I’ve been using Twonkymedia for years.

I’m pretty sure that USB drives connected to a PC can be accessed by the player as long as they are shared on the network.

It sounds like you’re connecting to your PC via “Media Server,” not “network share,” but you’re describing trying to set up a network share.

I have tried accessing my .5TB SATA drive that is on my PC also… I follow it down the tree structure to a sample which will play but if I copy a movie or song to that very same folder it won’t see it. I have a 2nd USB drive which is 1TB and it accesses it fine(even when it is hooked up directly to the WDTV). I have a 2nd WDTV arriving today and I will try that one and see if I have any better luck. I will post up the results.



ellisr63 wrote:

…but if I copy a movie or song to that very same folder it won’t see it…

If you’re using the Media Library, you need to update the database before new or changed content will appear.

And again, if you’re using the MEDIA SERVER (which you still haven’t answered) you must tell WINDOWS to re-index the media before it will appear.