WDTV Live - Can't Fast Forward at all..?


I’ve been browsing the existing discussions on here looking for a solution to my problem but with no luck so far… I’ve got a WDTV Live and stream my movie collection from a windows computer over my network. The movies all playback great and I’ve got no problems at all with the quality, audio/video sync or anything else… Except for one thing.

It doesn’t matter how I encode the video files or what media source I play them from (tried wifi, ethernet, usb flash drive), I can’t get the WDTV to fast forward. The skip to desired time feature doesn’t even work, after entering a new time to play from, it displays that awesome spinning loading circle for an endless amount of time.

I’ve tried using handbreak on the high profile setting with a mkv container, I’ve tried the apple tv preset, I’ve even tried videos from other souces in all sorts of different formats. They’ve all played perfectly but I still can’t fast forward in ANY of them… If I didn’t know better, it would seem like the fast forward buttons are broken on my remote… The unit simply doesn’t respond, no error message is shown, and the video just keeps on playing as if I hadn’t done anything.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as I’m totally out of ideas. Do I have a defective unit? I’ve tried a reset, and I’ve made sure I have the latest firmware.

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies,


Solved the problem… After downloading the WDTV Remote App for my iPhone and trying it out, it turns out that it actually is my remote that’s defective… The fast forward function works great when another remote is used… Go figure.

I was going to say, I’ve come across the odd video file that has FF locked out, could have been the problem…but I guess not!