WDTV Live can not play


for some reason device can not play movies, when I enter local hdd  and try to play file there is only circle and later only file appears… ?

What I should do ? 

I have the same problem since 2 days ago. I restarted and reset many times but nothing happens. 

Anyone can help?

I have the same problem since yesterday. I have tried everything. 

hi there

have you tried :

  • press little whole aside short to reset to defaults ?

  • hdd via usb or over network?

  • MPlayer sees network?

  • all updates available ?



Both of you:   Since you’re playing from a USB Disk, try UNPLUGGING the NETWORK cable (if one is being used.) and then restart the box.

See if it works OK then.


  • yea …

  • shall help [to both of them]

  • otherwise seems kind of bug