WDTV Live - Can it stream from the WDTV Live Hub & attached HDD?

We have a WDTV Hub with an external attached drive ( 3TB Essential ) on our main TV.  Our satelitte TV is now up and running and a friend has a WDTV Live I can have.  I want to know whether it will work as a streamer from the main Hub and its attached storage?  I know the docs state any DNLA device, but I’m curious of the Live’s interface will work together with the Hub and just see it as storage, or???

Don’t know, I’m going to end up just trying it but to save myself a headache I thought I’d post the question first.



steve  wdtv hub  will  stream   from  its  drive  or  external  drive  to  ps3  computer  tablet  has  to  be  on  the  same  network  and  shareing  turn  on

Thanks, I have tried that with good success, I’m curious if a standard non Hub WDTV unit can read and stream from a WDTV Hub, as if it ( and its attached storage ) were just drives with media on them? 

As an update, I did on Boxing day purchase a 3TB MyBook, strictly because at $110 for 3TB, it was a steal.  Connected to the WDTV Hub its working as I thought it would, at first.

The MyBook is preloaded with a bunch of software for its intended purpose of being attached to a PC, where I assume the software allows control of said software.  Attached to the WDTV its still there but I can’t control it.  As such, the three test videos I put on are still viewable, but there are now 20 ( est. ) copies of each, I assume from the internal software’s backup plan.

Is my best bet just to attach this to a PC and wipe it totally, including the partition from WD with all the software on it?