WDTV Live audio delay when starting file. Update Solution no longer working

weird mate. thse are the same cables as oznetics.


and tons of people in Oz have them and no one with the WDTV Live has that problem. I have another of  those cables that i use for my BR player, I’ll swap it over and see if it;s a dodgy cable.

Thanks again



This is the cable that worked.




BAD news guys that cable is no longer working.

I spoke to the seller of the cables I have been using for a while and heres what he said:

‘david 100% 1.3b certified cat 2 cables. I buy from the same manufacturer as ezyhd and this is the first problem i am hearing regarding this version issue.’

I have tried both the cables from oznetics and have retried the other cable I have.

I have tried 3 Different HDMI ports.

I’ve confirmed my TV uses HDMI 1.3 ports.

So to summarise:

1.TV is HDMI 1.3 Capable

  1. Cables are 1.3 Certified

  2. one cable worked when I briefly tested it yesterday.

  3. Today that cable doesn’t work

  4. Tried Different ports, cables, turning off WD TV Live, TV etc.

I will try another HDMI cable when I can, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know.