WDTV Live & Android

Hi All,

this is my first post on this forum.

I’ve purchased a WDTV Live, I’ve connected it to my wifi and to my TV (Philips Plasma 42").

I have installed the latest available firmware.

This my problems.

  1. From Android Phone and Tablet I am not able to reproduce anything.

I’ve installaed iMedia Share, it sees WDTV Live, but if I play a photo on it, I don’t see anything.

  1. From iPhone and iPad, I see correctly the photos, but the movies are not fluid, they are scattering.

Someone can help me ?


What version of WD Tv LIve you have? For the WD TV Live Hub WD supports the use of WD Photos, which allows you to upload photos and videos and view photos stored in the hub.