WDTV Live and XBMC Frodo upnp

For some reason my WDTV is the only device in the house that cannot stream from the XBMC upnp server.  My asus media player can, my ps3 can, etc.  When the xbmc upnp server is chosen with WDTV live, it just says “there is no media”.  Every other device shows the “Music” and “Video” folders, and can drill down from there.  Is this a known issue?


As far as I know, it’s not compatible, try using the  PS3 Media Server.

ps3 media center wants to transcode stuff on wdtv live that I know it can play natively.

Is there a way to map network drives manually on wdtv live?  My shares are hidden for security reason so I need to address them manually.

thank you for any info that can be provided.