Wdtv live and win7 problem

Hi I have just bought a wdtv live to use in the bedroom and want to connect it to my windows 7 32bit htpc… I prevously had no network setup and have no Internet access, I got a wise ws-4008d switch and a cat5e cable I have pluged it all in wdtv to switch and htpc to switch now I have never setup a network before so pls be kind…I’ve managed to setup what folders I want share network but can’t get the wdtv to connect to the network it says unitedentified network on the computer. If I have a USB plugged into the wdtv I can see The files on it from my comp if I go to setup network on the wdtv It says it can’t obtain ip adress?? I’m so confused are there possible ways to fix this? Thanks

Ok, where to start… :slight_smile:

You’ll need to manually set your IP addresses in both boxes, since it sounds like (since you don’t have Internet access) you do not have a router handling DHCP services.

In your Windows box, you’ll need to correctly configure your Ethernet adapter.


…gives a good primer on how to do this.

Once that’s completed, you’ll need to set your WDTV to work in the same network.

So, if you assign your HTPC the IP address of (for example) you could set your WDTV to the IP address of

ok so i will need to manually type in my ip address?

How do i find out what ip adress to use? and will it be for ipv4 or 6?


It’ll be IPV4.   

You can use my example addresses.