WDTV Live and WD My Book Live 2TB No Storage Present if I remove USB Stick

Hi there

Took me a couple of days to understand what was causing this issue. Basically, things are like that:

-WDTV Live, f/w 1.07.15 connected to network through wi-fi and using static IP

-WD My Book Live 2TB f/w 2.10.09 connected to my router and using also a static IP

I purchased MBL last Saturday. Set up was easy and WDTV Live saw it as a media server easily. In the afternoon, I plugged in a USB stick to watch a movie and at the end, I pressed the eject button in the remote control to remove it. After I did that, I tried to access MBL through the Media Server option and I got a ‘No Storage Present’ message. Tried again and again but had no luck. I could see MBL from my PC and ping it but WDTV Live was still presenting ‘No Storage Present’. I temporarily sorted the issue by restarting MBL and voila, it was there but for how long?

Next day, I did the same. Inserted USB stick, watched movie, removed it, MBL disappeared again from Media Server list. Restarted MBL, and it appeared.

Yesterday, I experimented a bit and left USB in. Switched on and off WDTV Live several times, Twonky was still present in Media Server. Then I thought to remove USB and check again but also plug it in after I had the same message displayed. Same thing happened, ‘No Storage Present’ in Media Server. Inserted the USB back, and all of a sudden MBL-Twonky appeared in the Media Server list.

My question is:

Is this normal behaviour?

After I insert a USB, some info about Media Servers is stored in USB and without the USB stick, I have to restart MBL if I want to operated it without USB. This is clearly a WDTV Live issue since MBL and Twonky server can be seen normally from my PC.

I thought to open an issue in the corresponding forum, but I would like first to hear a few opinions.

Thanks in advance.

Easy to fix problem, press the red “B” button in the remote control and select network share or media server to access the MBL. Check page 26of the manual.

What you say about pressing red button, is what I do and I see the message about No Storage Present. It is then that shows nothing. I also want to say, that the only way to get back the Twonky in the Server List when I press the red button, is to insert back the USB stick. At the same time (when WDTV Live cannot access MBL), my Viera plasma has full access.

This is completely nuts. Last night, I removed USB, pressed button and it was still showing Twonky in Media Servers. Switched off smp, today I switched it on and Twonky was not in the list and had a red X and the 'No Storage Present ’ message. My Viera TV was displaying it with no issues. I thought ‘let’s insert the USB stick I was using last night so that Twonky will reappear’. Well, dream on! Nothing came up. So, I restarted smp not by pressing the button on the remote control but rather used the Device Restart option in the System menu. After the restart, Twonky appeared.

This is a mess up really. I am sure it is smp issue, something wrong in firmware. If it was a MBL issue, the Viera TV should display similar behaviour.

This is confirmed by WD support that it seems to be a bug. Specifically, the answer I received is:

“By removing the USB stick, it looks like the DLNA service is interrupted or blocked out”

They recommend rolling back to previous firmwares and try again. Is there anyone out there with a My Book Live that uses it as a Media Server with the smp and if yes, what f/w version are they running?