WDTV Live and Sony Vegas Movie Studio


Appreciate any help.  I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio to edit home videos from my HD video camera and I’d like to play them on the WDTV Live.  Can anyone tell me what the optimal Sony Vegas Movie Studio output settings are for creating HD videos that the WDTV Live can play?  I would like to have the highest resolution output and 5.1 surround sound.

I have tried Sony AVC AVCHD 1920x1080 NTSC 5.1 Surround because the box says it supports 1920x1080, but when I attempt to play the file it says it’s an unsupported format.

I have been successful in getting the following format to play “MPEG-2 HDV 1080 60i” however it doesn’t play audio.

Appreciate your help!


Well just the size of the file is not enough, you have to use the right containers and codec - check the manual.

Hi Michael,

I’m not using Sony Vega Movie Studio and I’m not sure why you are editing.  I’ve a Sony HD AVCHD Handycam set to HD.  I download my videos to the pc using the provided Sony utility PMB (Picture Motion Browser) program.

Once I download the video segments I endup with a bunch of “m2ts” and “modd” files in my hard drive, (I suspect that you have the same type camera, in which case, all you have to do is save the video to your pc) then I losslessly “join” all the different m2ts files (I don’t use the .modd files) with a free program which results in a single file with all the videos with a “m2ts” extension.

WDTVL plays the resulting 1920x1080 m2ts video with 5.1 surround sound beautifully.

Keep in mind that I don’t do any editing whatsoever, I just keep the video the way I shoot it.

I’m not sure if the Sony Vega Movie Studio program will allow you to edit the .m2ts file.

Good luck.



I run Video studio Platinum  version 9.  I have sucessfully encoded and played back on WDTV Live on 1440*1080 with PAL 5.1. I found that the 1920 really ground my PC to a halt upon playback and I have a fairly modern machine.  Are you renering under  mpeg-2 transport stream?