WDTV Live and Slingbox.. Remote

I recently got the WDTV Live(WDBHG70000NBK-HESN) to watch my Slingbox proHD.Both have up to date firmware,and I can access the slingbox thru wdtv.The problem is,I can’t change the channels.Those options are greyed out.I have my slingbox setup with the coax running straight into slingbox.I think this is the problem because when I do the setup on my slingbox,it givesd me a generic remote to use for PC viewing.

Anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance.

Hello  freekmccoy,

I did some research on this case and I found out that sometimes the remote control portion of the software doesn’t register properly after installation. 

As a recommendation, try resetting the devices to see if the unit gets all the information correct.

Please see the following link from slingbox on how to reset the unit 


For information on how to reset the WDTV please see the following link.


I have 2 slingboxs and 2 WD tv live boxes. When you say remote are you talking about the on screen commands that appear when you press the blue key on the WD remote ? If you use a computer to access your slingbox then the remote that appears on the computer screen should match the actual physical remote of the device under control. If it does not then you need to reconfigure the slingbox.