WDTV Live and Samsung AllShare

Hi all, I’m going to start this post by saying I’m relatively new to all this, so please bear with me if I have no idea what you’re saying, and ask lots of questions!

I have a WDTV box, and had lots of fun trying to get it set up, it didn’t like a homegroup I had on my laptop, worked for a while, stopped, crashed regularly. But I followed a couple of setup instructions, and got it working. The WDTV can read what is in a public group on my laptop, so I moved all of the files across to there. It can’t see what is in the ‘Claire’ folders, even though I have set these to share. No problem, it’s been working fine.

I have now bought a Samsung Smart blu-ray, and have downloaded the AllShare onto the computer. Only problem is, the blu ray can only find what is in the ‘Claire’ folders of my laptop, won’t read the public ones! Any ideas how to sort this? In easy language for a newbie please! Thanks in advance for any help.

Oh, my current setup is simply Router to laptop, blu ray wired to router, WDTV wireless to same router. No hard drives, etc, as yet.