WDTV Live and networking

Hi all.  I tried searching for the answer to this but was unable to find it.

I have the wdtv live wirelessly connected to a Windows Share on my PC.  This works ok, most of the time, but I cannot discover my Windows 7 PC if I have VMWare Workstation installed OR a PPTP connection active.

With VMWare if I disable the VMnet adapters everything works ok.  If I disconnect the PPTP connection the PC is instantly detected.  The PPTP connections do not use the remote gateway.

Anyone know why this happens?  Also is there anyway to permanently set the wdtv to connect to my PC and not try and detect it?  My PC is on a static IP.

Many thanks

Not sure why VMWare would cause an issue, but with PPTP, you might have it set up such that when the PPTP tunnel is up that all traffic will be redirected via the Tunnel, thus isolating the PC from other traffic on the LAN (particularly the NetBIOS broadcasts)

Now, on the VMWare box, are you saying that you cannot see the VMware GUEST OS, or the VMware HOST?

Thanks for the reply.

As I said the PPTP config is such that I have told it not to use the default gateway on remote subnet so it should only be used for specific IP range.

It is not a VMWare box.  VMWare workstation is installed on the same PC.  This creates virtual network connections in Windows used to bridge (or whatever) from virtual machines to other networks (mainly the internet).  Without VMWare running or even any VM’s installed the WDTV cannot detect the PC.  Only when I disable the network connections within Windows can WDTV find the PC.

Again thank you for replying

Sorry for any inconvenince but I think this may be in the wrong forum.  Think I actually have the SMP version.

Can I transfer this or does it not make any difference anyway?

Probably won’t make a difference, but a moderator will probably move your post when they come across it.

 … but back on the PPTP issue – Yeah, I understand that you have it set with different routes depending on IP.

But NetBIOS / Samba doesn’t use IP unicasts until a connection is ready to be made.

Everything else is done via broadcast packets.    The WDTV depends on LM “Browser” packets to discover eligible servers – “Master Browser” and all that.  

If the Master Browser isn’t responding to LM Browse packets on the main network (the one NOT on PPTP), then it’s going to break down.

If you have access to another PC, you can test that theory by seeing if the other PC can still discover the server when PPTP is up by using the command

net view

Got you thanks.

Have tested and it does not respond.  So that won’t work.

So how about the other part of my query, am I able to set and save the network location on the wdtv anywhere?  I am on a static IP so it should be very simple if the wdtv offers this config.

Unfortunately no.   WD insists on using “Discovery” instead of static URI’s…  which would be convenient in a LOT of cases.