WDTV Live and MyBookLive NAS - Movie folder icons not displayed - only see a GREEN folder icon

Hi there,

I am having an issue with movie folder icons.  My setup is a WDTV Live connected wirelessly to a WD MyBookLive NAS storage box.  I have updated and run the Get Content Info.  However, when viewing the movie folders they all display a GREEN folder icon.  If I go into the directory for the movie I see the movie icon.  All the movie folders contain the metathumb.  Firmware is up to date.

My initial setup was an external drive connected directly to the WDTV Live and each individual movie folder displayed an icon of the movie.  Is the WDTV Live limited in this respect?  Any help greatly appreciated!


Ok please ignore the above.  I figured it out.  My Media Library was setup to use the Linux share to the ip address of the MyBookLive.  However when setup as a Windows Share and pointing to the network name MyBookLive when it updated the content info it displays all the movie covers.  Isn’t that always the case…post and then figure it out 20 minutes later.