WDTV Live and defective HDMI

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my WD TV Live that some day no longer works in HDMI mode.
The firmware version installed is the last official, the 1.06.15_V.

The WDTV Live turns on normally, but I can see the image only if I connect it with the composite cable and, having a new high definition TV, I would like to connect it to HDMI as I have always done.
I tried several times to reset my WD by pressing the key side and also to restore to factory settings via software, but the problem is still there.
If I try to connect it via composite (PAL), then go to Settings -> Audio / Video HDMI and try to switch to HDMI, I see that it changes the video mode, but it is restored automatically after a few seconds (although the HDMI cable connected) the composite standard definition mode, with the result that the WD is usable only in composite mode.
Has anyone had similar problems and can give me some advice?

My WDTV Live is unfortunately out of warranty, do you know  if I can request an RMA?

If yes, what costs should I have? Apart from the cost of shipping, there are other costs?

Has this player worked with this TV in the past.

Yes, it has worked in HDMI mode since some days ago… :neutral_face:

Try connecting both the composite and the HDMI cable to the TV at the same time using different inputs on the TV. Then use the composite video connection and go to the Settings -> Audio/Video (like you said in your original post). Select HDMI. On the next screen, do not select Auto. Instead, manually select a resolution/frequency that you know your TV supports, and manually select the colorspace value (normally RGB Low). After that. the WD puts up a screen that will either ask if you want to keep the new settings, or it might say that your TV does not support the mode you selected, and it asks if you want to Force it. Select ‘Yes’ to change (or Force) the resolution. Then change your TV’s input to the HDMI, and hopefully, the HDMI output will work.

Check the connector itself.  I ran into a similar problem when I first bought the Live a couple years ago.  The HDMI receptacle in the WDTV is not flush with the plastic outer surface of the case and some cables are very touchy as they get stopped by the rim of the hole and don’t insert fully.   The setup would work for a while then after a few days the HDMI port refused to work until I jiggled the cable around.  I ended up cutting some of the plastic shell off the cable end so it would insert deeper and once I did that, it never gave me a problem again.