WDTV Live 3GEN: Youtube login?

Hi all,

I recently bought a WDTV Live (3rd Generation, newest Firmware 2.01.86). Like it so far, but have problems accessing my account on youtube to access my favorites and playlists. I found that there are two different youtube applications on the device, the first one is simply called Youtube and has a menu option “login” that tells me to open a strange URL on my computer …which I did NOT do. That seems suspicious.

The second one, called “youtube videos” has a proper login/ password dialogue, but I won´t accept my username/pw.

BUT the reason for this might be that years ago when I started with YT I had registered a youtube login while nowadays since google has bought YT I must login with my google credentials and THEN I get a box allowing me to select if I want to use Youtibe with my “old” YT login or with my google login …

So I tried may different things and login combinations but noone seems to work. Can anybody enlightem me how to login to YT?

BONUS question: I have read that it´s not possible to access HD content with the WDTV live box, is that still true for the 3gen Version with latest firmware?



Take a look at these links. Hope they help.

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