WDTV Live 18:18

I owned a gen1 WDTV Live for about 2-3 years, and its been amazing, I have always been happy if it just works, and it has, it plays everything, but recently I noticed a few files was acting weird when fast forwarding and rewinding, for example they would freeze, and or throw me back to the home screen. One common thing with these files is they all displayed 18:18 as the runtime, now some of these files may of well been 18:18 in duration, but a lot of these files were actual movies well over 18 minutes long. Dont get me wrong, this is not a deal breaker, if I press play and leave well alone, the file plays flawlessly. Another small note, these 18:18 files seem to take about 20 - 30 seconds to start playing, where other files play right away. I am running over a wired network by the way, via ethernet, using PS3 Media Server.

I visited a forum and asked why this could happen, and many people said the same, my files must be Matroska files, or MKV files, apparently they always do this on a gen1, but I was also told the gen3 fixes this issue…I wanted to upgrade anyways as the gen3 is a lovely bit of kit.

Today I set up my new gen3, and played some of the problem files, low and behold…duration is 18:18, now thats cool, I can live with it if the video plays, which it does, but whats causing this? My main issue is when I click select to see how longs left, I can’t get a readout on anything over 18 minutes.

I hope the above makes sense to someone, and thanks in advance for any help or comments I may receive.

* Your video files are not encoded properly (or are corrupt)

* WDTV Live Gen1 has no problems playing properly encoded and compatible MKV files

* Post in the Correct Forum next time. Gen3 is the SMP …  (This is the WDTV Live Hub Forum )

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