WDTV is very slow


DLink NAS DNS-320 with 2 @ 2 TB drives in RAID0

Gigabit unmanaged switch

WDTV LIve Streaming (current firmware) (wired)

MKV files encoded with Handbrake (h.264) running from a network share on teh DNS-320


  • Essentially streaming my MKV files is problematic at best. Right now I have had limited success in getting any of those files to stream (the WDTV essentially “locks up” while trying to play these files and takes forever to queue them up. Netflix and everything else seem to stream just fine and I can stream my MKV files to other devices without any problem whatsoever.

  • My bottleneck seems to be network related on teh WDTV live as speed tests show the DNS-320 is operating within limits.

  • I have the option to set up the DNS-320 as a uPNP Media Server, would I be better served running it that way instead of from the shares (which are technically samba shares)

  • Also … I have been contemplating getting a WDTV Hub … would that handle networking better than the WDTv Live? I have another room the WDTV live can go in to as that room just needs to stream netflix and such.

Thanks in advance

Try posting the media info 


I’ve got Synology NAS systems here on gigabit ethernet and suffer as well from the humm bottleneck of 100MBps ethernet at WDTv i guess… It seems browsing trough medias and file is slow, FFW and BKWD is slow as well…

Never tried with local storage to check it but will try it out.

Let me know,



Is the Ethernet port on the wdtv gigabyte? If not are tgere plans to release a gigabyte unit?

No and who knows? The chip would have to be fast enough as well, the current isn’t.

Your solution might indeed be to switch to a media server - see these two posts:

 - from WD official FAQ

 - from the community forum

If this does solve your problem that would be great. On my setup, playback from NAS has frame rate too slow to watch, but from media server it’s no problem.

My question for the community is: Does this samba limitation mean that we can’t use the “my media library” if we have high bitrate files? I like the content info, cover images, etc. of the media library, but if the files can’t play back how can we use it??