Wdtv hub not playing bluray movie files

I have a blu ray movies in the HUB hdd. It plays mkv files well. But its not playing my files in mpeg2 format ie its not playing bdmv->stream->0000 file (size about 40g/20g/8g) etc. Its just running the main menu and exit… I have stored my BD files in the internal hd of the hub.

Please help how to fix this

I beleive this is due to  bluray authentication.   I switching over to dune hdi d1 and make this as secondary.

So you were trying to play an encrypted blu-ray movie? That’s kidding.

Try hack the blu-ray protections first and I believe live hub plays you blu-ray well. My live plus plays blu-ray in ISO, MKV and M2TS format without a hitch.

Here’s a guide, which is for the Live plus, have a try with the method and let me know how it works, cause I’m intending to replace my Live plus with a new Live hub:


Anyone has try it?


Tried what?

The WD devices cannot/will not play any file that still has CSS, CPRM, AES, or AACS encryption – they don’t have licences to decrypt.

The devices will play backups that have had the encryption removed.