WDTV Hub fails to write files

My WDTV Hub was working fine for the first week or so, but a few days ago it started crashing when I was copying a 9Gb Bluray rip onto it. I tried some 5-6 times, both via the USB connection and via the network, and the device would always start clicking at exactly the same point in the transfer and then reset. I then managed to copy some smaller files, but it now does it again regardless of the file size.

Could this be a bad sector on the drive? If so, how can I check for it? TIA



There’s no way to check for physical errors on the disk.

I guess you could try re-formatting it; perhaps the format will bypass any bad sectors, but I have no idea.

If it’s still under warranty, you may be better off just replacing the Hub…

Thanks, I did format the drive as soon as I got it, just in case, and it took a very short time, so I imagine it only does a quick wipe…

Clicking can be a result of a failing Hard Drive, or a Power issue (not enough Power going into the Hard Drive) 

Incase you have this problem on a USB drive, it is possible it is not getting enough power through its USB Port and may need a Usb Y power cable which plugs into 2 usb ports so that it provides extra power to your usb drive. With the internal drive, it will just need replacement by WD.

It is the internal drive… Contacted the support, will see if they will offer replacement. To be honest, I would probably now prefer a non-hub version, with a USB drive permanently plugged in. That would make it easier to copy and manage files from a laptop - the WDTV copy interface is painful, to say the least.