WDTV HD player & Samsung S2 320GB HDD

Hi All,

I just bought a Samsung S2 320GB HDD and plugged to my WDTV HD Player… but it’s not working if the HDD is NTFS formatted :frowning:

I tried formatting it as Fat32… it worked fine.

But I cant put my MKVs on Fat32 :frowning:

Please help


Hi, I have the same problem. Also a NTFS formatted Samsung S2 320GB HDD.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?



All you have to do in order to have your external HDD Samsung S2 attached and working with WD TV HD is to connect it through a USB Y cable. That because there is not sufficient power for an external HDD from only one USB port.


Or even better: you can buy a USB HUB with external power supply, which will give the neccesary power to your hard disk: 5 V, 0.85 A