Wdtv hd black screen problem

I’ve searched the forum and there are lots topics with this problem but no solution.

Basicaly i can’t play any video files on my LG 42LE4500 - i get a black screen. It doesn’t freezes because i get get back to folder navigation using back key. Photos and music work.



pelinca wrote:

I’ve searched the forum and there are lots topics with this problem but no solution.


The answer’s been given hundreds of times.

All the movies you’ve downloaded use compression in the headers.  You will have to re-mux them with MKVmerge, turning compression OFF for all tracks, as well as doing a full reset of your WDTV.

I have this problem too, but it’s got nothing to do with the video files, as even movies I was watching fine last week are no longer playing.

Today I had my first black screen. It stopped playing all video files. Even divx… WELL DONE WD!! For making products with 2 years expiration date…

ditto - my unit will not play anything including movies and TV shows I have watched on it before - this has nothing to do with the files - the “esteemed” contributor is not so esteemed.

I have the same problem  and mentioned in this topic : http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-HD/The-WD-Menu-appears-on-the-screen-but-nothing-else/td-p/139224

If nobody from WD Support answer us with a good and serious way to fix the problem chargeless, we should all of us mention that problem to all the specialized magazines to give the worst and real advertisement for the WD products and support !

These are user forums.  WD doesn’t always see what’s going on in general posts.  I will look into it, but I need more information.  Does the black screen happen on all files or when you are trying to play MKV files?  Have you done both the internal (thru UI) and external resets, including pulling the power plug for a little while (10 minutes)?

The reason I ask is because a while back we had this issue that arose out of the MKV spec change with header compression, and it caused a lot of this kind of issue.  It was fixed in the Live and Live Plus, but not in the WD TV HD.

For my concern, the WD player doesn’t read anymore mkv and avi files despite the mentioned files in the menu.

About the mp3 and jpg files, it even doesn’t see them in the directory so, no trace in  the menu !

Let me tell you that I’ve plugged the WD player with two different tv and with the hdmi connector and also the cinch connectors.I have tried the both usb plugs. I have also reseted a few times and also disconnected and reconnected after 1 day (much more than the 10 minutes you said).

Nothing ! Nothing work anymore !

Excuse me for my bad english but my mother language is french.

Thank you.

Same problems to me like the others.

I can’t play any format, neither videsos nor mp3. I was able to play the same files yesterday, so I dont think, the reason is to find in the file headers. Firmware is newest one.

Now I tried a restart of box an HD - no effect. After that I deleted files in directory wdtv, also no effect.

So please WD-support help us out.

Sorry for bad english, I’m german.


Replying to my own question :smiley:

I solved my problem. Tody I flashed the current firmware once again and found out something funny. There was an old firmware installed (I think 1.2.10) even thoug I had installed 1.3.1 before. After flashing the firmware I had to do a reset to factory settings. Now the WDTV had to scan my hard drive completely. After that I was able to watch films.

But: I can reproduce the failure. There is one film on the harddrive wich will cause all the problems again. When I tried to start this film ALL films are flagged as music and can’t be played anymore. In case of this, I have to do a reset to factory settings again.

Maybe someone else can benefit from this.


If you do a media info on the file, does it say that header compression is enabled?  If so, then you will need to reencode the file with header compression turned off.  Then the file will play and you shouldn’t have anymore of these issues, unless of course you run into another MKV file that has header compression turned on.

Read through this link, especially section H.